"I love the beginning of the beginning. G-d the first artist creates something from nothing. Six days of creativity, G-d pauses to self-evaluate. And the critique? It is good, it is very good ... We're created in the image of G-d and yet we tell ourselves we're not creative ... I believe in the act of creativity we're fully led by our good inclination and activate our positive G-d given character traits ..." Kahn, 2015 Eli talk
Kahn's ELI talk which includes an excerpt from her piece "January Thirtyfirst" is on youtube.

The  75 minute talk is open for booking now.

"Creativity and the Good Inclination" is truly inspirational. Lin is a genuine renaissance woman; artist, author, educator, dance maker, performer, speaker - and having experienced her in every one of those disciplines, I am always impressed by her passion and creativity, which emanate from a deep and abiding sense of Judaic identity. So I recommend that you experience her, too - where ever, whenever and as often as possible. She will move your soul.

Jason Brett, Producer, Director, Writer, Chicago