Professor Kahn makes every student feel as if what they contribute to the discussion is important and remarkable. Suffice it to say there are only positive things about this woman's course, teaching style and humanity. Her teaching methods not only sets her apart from ​other professors, but raises the bar for the rest of them as well. The epitome of what every teacher should aspire to be, I've been utterly enlightened by an educator whose joy for teaching and her students is shown every time she walks through the door. Alex Messina, English,  DePaul University
lt's not often that someone comes in your life that inspires you
in ways unimaginable. I'm honored to be the former student of Lin Batsheva Kahn, who gave an original, thought-provoking presentation last night at ‪Eli Talks‬ where she used my mosaic piece to exemplify creativity from adversity

Emily Lambert,
DePaul University